Play back H.265 Videos with DVDFab H.265 Player

2017-08-03 22:32:23

As the successor to H.264 encoding method, an obvious advantage H.265 encoding method has is that, with the same video size, H.265 can offer much clearer and sharper images. And this is one of the key reasons why it is going to replace H.264 to be the next generation of video encoding method. To keep in pace, H.265 player is also emerging. One of the best from the market so far is DVDFab Media Player, which has added the overall playback support to H.265, UHD and 4K videos.  


Move on to see how to play back H.265 videos with DVDFab Media Player:


Play Back H.265 Videos with DVDFab Media Player: Step 1 > Download and install DVDFab Media Player 2 onto your computer;


Play Back H.265 Videos with DVDFab Media Player: Step 2 > Start up the application by double-clicking the desktop shortcut, and then open the H.265 encoded video you want to watch per the on-screen instructions, or simply drag and drop one directly onto the playback screen;


Play Back H.265 Videos with DVDFab Media Player: Step 3 > When the playback starts, you can control the playback process using the pop-up contextual menu from the playback screen.



Above is the simple process to play back a video encoded by H.265. Make sure you don’t miss the point.


For more information, feel free to visit DVDFab Media Player product page at

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