Top 6 Best Free VOB Converters

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Summary: Do you need a free VOB converter to convert the VOB files to more other formats or would you like to play VOB files more smoothly? Here are top 6 best VOB converters you can use freely.

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VOB files can be a real hassle to play if you don’t have a compatible media player that supports this type of format. These files are usually found on DVDs but you will also come across individual VOB files online that you may want to play but don’t know how. As it turns out, you don’t necessarily need to go looking for a new player because you can simply download a free VOB converter and turn the files into a more widely used format like MP4. There are plenty of good converters out there but we recommend checking out some of the ones listed below because they are considered to be the best of the best.


Part 1: Top 6 Best Free VOB Converters



Handbrake is a very popular free VOB video converter that can also handle a lot of other audio and video formats. The user interface looks a little bit outdated by today’s standards but apart from, this is a very solid converter that also includes some very useful editing and customization tools.

free vob video converter


WinX Free VOB to MP4 Converter

The name tells you everything you need to know about this free video VOB converter. The software was designed with a very specific purpose in mind and can reliably get the job done every single time. The drawback is that, unlike most other converters, this one doesn’t support other formats and doesn’t offer any special features.

free vob to mp4 converter



This one is a little bit intimidating to look at as it doesn’t feature a traditional user interface and instead works inside the Command Prompt. Definitely not recommended for novice users but if you know your way around the Command Prompt, FFmpeg is a pretty good free VOB converter for Mac and Windows.

a good free vob converter for mac and windows



If you don’t want to download any new software at this time, you may want to try an online video conversion tool instead. The first such tool you can try is Online-Convert, which provides you with a quick way to convert not only video and audio files but also images, ebooks, documents, and more. In addition, the tool also includes a handful of customization options and allows you to convert files directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

an online video conversion tool


Convert Files

Convert FIles is another free tool you can try, particularly if you’re looking for a website that’s as user-friendly as possible. This free VOB converter is extremely easy to use and supports a good number of formats. You will run into one or two ads every now and again but that seems to be the case with a lot of these online tools.

free vob converter tool



The last online option we wanted to mention is Convertio, a free tool that looks a bit more modern than our previous picks. Convertio supports a wide variety of different formats and offers additional tools like archive converter, font converter, text recognition, and more. The tool can work not only with files from your computer but also from Dropbox and Google Drive while also allowing you to directly convert videos from a variety of different websites.

a free tool which supports a wide variety of different formats


Part 2: The Best Professional VOB Converters You Should Try

Free VOB converters can get the job done pretty well most of the time but there are instances where you’re going to need to make use of a professional converter. Whenever you want to convert individual VOB files like a pro, we recommend using DVDFab Video Converter. This tool supports more formats than free converters and is also a lot faster. In addition, DVDFab Video Converter also doubles as a powerful video editor and customizer while also offering many others useful features like file merging, batch conversion, wireless file transfer to mobile devices, and so much more.

best video converter to convert vob files

VOB files are generally found inside a folder called VIDEO_TS on DVDs and are protected by DRM, which makes them impossible to copy using regular means. However, you can use DVDFab DVD Ripper to bypass this problem and rip the entire folder in one go. DVDFab DVD Ripper permanently removes the DRM and can be used to convert the VOB files to another format in the process. Much like DVDFab Video Converter, the DVD Ripper supports a lot of different formats and includes a lot of very useful editing and customization tools.

the best tool to remove the drm of vob files and convert the vob files



There are plenty of good free VOB converters out there and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to download the tools listed above or use the online alternatives instead. Both options have their ups and downs but at the end of the day, all the tools can get the job done most of the time. If you want to make sure the conversion process works as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, however, we recommend using DVDFab Video Converter when you want to convert individual VOB files and DVDFab DVD Ripper when you want to rip and convert entire VIDEO_TS folders from DVD discs.

From the above introductions, you must have known the best VOB converters and how to convert the VOB files to other formats. Then would you like to play VOB files on Windows/ Mac?  Click the link to get more details.

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