Top 10 Best Birthday Rap Songs 2019

2019-03-21 23:36:49     Posted by Gabriel


Summary: There are some birthday rap songs that can be played on a birthday party. Go to check these songs and also find the tool to download the birthday rap songs from YouTube.

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When anyone thinks about rap and rap songs, the usual trends seem to be that of depression, suicide, or a focus on the material gains in life. Women, bling, cars, and money seem to be the most popular choices in the music videos as well. In all of this, one may not think that there’s anything you can play at a birthday party.

However, there are many rap lovers who would love to have a good rapping beat playing on their big day. Luckily, there are quite a few choices when it comes to such a requirement. Read on below for some of the best birthday songs rap has on the menu for this decade!


1. “Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West

best birthday rap song

If you want to celebrate any birthday with rapping, your playlist shouldn’t be complete without this track! This birthday rap song has set a precedent that might not have been followed otherwise. For true rap fanatics, this is the song that could even replace the traditional birthday song.

‘Birthday Song’ is admittedly based on the song we’ve been hearing for the past century or so but with a quirky new twist. Get this one on your playlist and make your whole family sing along; we guarantee it’ll be much more fun than the same old droning tune we’ve had up until now.


2. “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna

The lyrics on this birthday rap song aren’t the most family-friendly of the lot, but they’re definitely worth playing when it’s just your peers at the afterparty. Objectionable words aside, this is absolutely going to be one of the must-have songs at any birthday party, given the audience is open to it.

best birthday rap song


3. “In da Club” by 50 Cent

These lyrics and that rapping, thumping beat would be sure to get any birthday party started. It would also make its way toward the top of the music playlist for birthdays. With this birthday song rap on your playlist, you’ll have the time of your life while celebrating the day.

best birthday rap song


4. “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih

The name of the song aside, this track is quite an enjoyable and popular one. Again, not one to listen to with parents or young children, but when you are having your birthday party with just your friends, it’s sure to be a banger! Manage your music responsibly, and no one would have cause to complain about the objectionable lyrics, even in hardcore rap.

best birthday rap song


5. “Say Aah” by Trey Songz

Again, not one for the family or even any friends that might get offended by the lyrics. However, if the people around wouldn’t mind, this song really does have an enjoyable beat that could get everyone on their feet in next to no time.

Some people just want to have fun on their birthday without getting into the nitty gritty of it all. For these individuals, having this song recorded and ready to play at all times would be quite a convenient option. See if you can have it downloaded on a mobile device so that you can play the birthday rap songsimply by tapping a finger.

best birthday rap song


6. “Birthday” by Flo Rida ft. Rick Ross

The hook of this song mentions that the rapper does not want cake on just his birthday but every single day. This sounds like the rapper’s way of getting all the fun and food no matter what day it is, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal for us! You can utilize this song to pretend it is your birthday every single day of the year. It is the perfect excuse, so don’t hesitate before downloading and placing it on your official playlist. After all, there is nothing quite like a birthday rap song to remind yourself that you are at the center of attention for this day and hopefully for many other days too.

best birthday rap song


7. “Birthday Girl” by Travis Porter ft. Bei Maejor

You can’t really expect to celebrate your birthday with a rap song and always have it be family or child-friendly. We, hence, recommend that you take a close listen when considering putting any of these birthday rap songs on your birthday playlist. However, if you and your mates love the rap genre, feel free to play this anthem when it’s just you friends. Cruising down the street with Travis Porter on the speakers isn’t the worst way to celebrate a birthday, especially not when you’re a true rap fan.

best birthday rap song


8. “Birthday” by Twista

This is again one of the songs where one can enjoy themselves by simply letting loose and having the time of their lives. For those fun-loving and rap-loving folks, this track should absolutely be at the top of the playlist. Make sure the DJ has it and that you get to enjoy yourself to the max.

best birthday rap song


9. “It’s Your Birthday” by R. Kelly

This is a real classy tune, but it’s not the one you should be looking for if you want to pump up the hype on your birthday party. Or any party, in fact. However, pull up this rap song on the ride to the venue and you’d be in just the right mood when you get there.

This birthday rap song combines the upbeat tune of classic rap with some awesomely fun lyrics. The result is an immensely enjoyable experience which wouldn’t be forgotten by you or the birthday folks anytime soon.

best birthday rap song


10. “This Is My Party” by Fabolous

This is a song that would really get you partying on your own terms. The lyrics are all about doing things your way, which is the way it should be, especially when celebrating the day that you were born. All in all, this one is a definite download for all birthday song playlists!

When it is our big day, we all get to do what we feel like. Since this mindset fits right in with the materialistic aspect of rap, it is not surprising that such a perception has crept into the songs and lyrics themselves. After all, a birthday is where one is at the center of attention and gets a lot of gifts. The rap genre is, hence, the best one to celebrate such an occasion.

best birthday rap song



The next time anyone’s birthday is coming up, you should have a list of the best birthday songs rap has to offer! You can obviously do this by selecting some or all of the songs listed above and accessing YouTube to easily hear them. In addition to the tracks themselves, the music videos are also accessible on this platform.

However, there is a much easier option than typing in the names of the best birthday songs and then searching through the results. This is achieved by downloading the tracks in MP3 format using the popular tool called DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader. Once you have this on your computer, you can download all the songs you need to play at the next birthday bash! No hassle of loading every time, and no dependence on internet availability.

For more rap songs to enliven the atmosphere of a birthday party, please click these top rap dance songs.

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