Top 10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix 2018

2019-03-19 04:46:41     Posted by Amanda


Summary: Do you love watching Spanish movies? Netflix has a great selection of Spanish movies. Here are the top 10 best Spanish movies on Netflix till 2018. We also show you how to rip Netflix Blu-rays of Spanish movies.

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Over the years Spain gave us some of the best actors and directors of all time. A lot of them moved on to work on Hollywood projects but some stayed behind in their native country to contribute to Spain’s own growing film industry. Today we’re going to talk a bit about some of these movies, particularly those that are currently available to watch on Netflix. If you want to brush upon your Spanish, these movies will help you a lot. With that in mind, here are our top 10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix as of 2018.


Part 1:Top 10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix 2018



There are a few Spanish movies about artificial intelligence you could try but you should probably start off with Eva. This futuristic fantasy/sci-fi film follows protagonist Alex Garel as he attempts to build a child android that would be indistinguishable from regular humans. In order to make sure that the AI is truly lifelike, Alex bases his creation on his niece Eva.



There are actually two movies that share this title and both of them can be considered among the best Spanish language movies on Netflix. The one we’re referring to here, though, is the 2016 Spanish movie known as The Invisible Guest in the west, as opposed to the 2011 Mexican film Contratiempo. The story revolves around an entrepreneur who only has three hours to prove he is innocent after being accused of killing a woman.


100 Metros

100 Metros is hands down one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix right now, particularly because it’s based on a true story. The film centers around a young man from Spain who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and tries to live life to the fullest before the disease cripples him. Doctors tell him he wouldn’t be able to walk more than 100 meters within a year but the man is determined to prove them wrong by participating in an Iron Man competition.


La Reina De Espana

Most would probably not consider this to be one of the best Netflix movies in Spanish but La Reina De Espana is a pretty good comedy all the same. The movie features Penelope Cruz as a Hollywood star who travels back to Spain in order to make a movie about Queen Isabella I. This is actually a sequel to the 1998 movie The Girl of Your Dreams (La Nina De Tus Ojos) so make sure to watch that one first if it’s available on Netflix in your region.


Tambien La Lluvia

This Spanish movie provides some very hard-hitting social commentary against the Spanish Empire of old. The film follows a director trying to shoot a documentary about Christopher Columbus in Bolivia. The director is soon faced with a moral dilemma, however, as the locals begin to protest after discovering that their water supply will soon be privatized.


REC 4: Apocalypse

The original REC is easily one of the best Spanish horror movies ever made but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available on Netflix at the moment. In the meantime, REC 4: Apocalypse is a pretty good alternative that will also give you an idea about the post-apocalyptic world these movies take place in.


Ahora o Nunca

If you’re looking for an enjoyable Spanish comedy movie on Netflix this one is a pretty good pick. Ahora o Nunca is about a couple that decide to get married and are preparing a big wedding. Everything seems perfect at first but things quickly turn south as everything that could go wrong with their plans does go wrong once friends and family get involved in the preparation process.



No, that’s not a spelling error. The film is indeed called Biutiful and it’s one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix right now. But just like the name, this movie is pretty strange as it tells the story of a man who is able to see his own death. This leads him down a dark path that affects not only himself but also all the people he cares about.



Antonio Banderas has starred in many American movies but he’s no stranger to Spanish movies either. Automata seems like any other action flick about robots at first but there’s so much more to it than that. The movie tries to tackle the difficult notion of sentient machines and what they might mean for the future of humanity.



It’s no coincidence that two of the best Netflix Spanish movies on our list fall into the horror genre. Veronica is the most recent project of Paco Plaza, the same director responsible for the REC series. With this movie the director tries his hand at supernatural horror and does a very good job at it.


Part 2: How to Rip Netflix Blu-Ray Spanish Movies

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