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DVDFab Manual

The Task Queue in DVFab 10 is redesigned to give users a better experience. It now has the following feature:


– Task Queue is a separate window which users can open, minimize and maximize anytime they want (note clicking the Close button will cancel all the current tasks), without intervening the tasks being currently processed and those waiting in the queue;
– Users can freely add new tasks into the Task Queue, meaning, even there is currently one task in progress, you can still load new sources in the same product or other products and then add the new tasks into the current Task Queue;
– Users now can freely switch between the Task Queue window and the main operation window. Before a task is started, users can click the small triangle button behind that task to return to the main operation window for further editing.
– Users can select a certain task from the Current Task list to delete it or to put it into the Archive Task list. Even the deleted tasks can be restored from the Recycle Bin directly.


Explanations of some task statuses:



Ready to Start: means that you have done the settings and editing related to that task, however you have not yet triggered the task; and you can still change relative settings and editing before hit the Start button from the main operation window; once hitting the Start window, that task status shall be immediately switched into Processing, and if you’ve started multiple tasks at one time, only the one at the top of the list shall be labeled as Processing, others will be tagged as Wait in Queue.

Processing: means that task has been started and currently in progress; at this point, changing setting and editing related to that task are no longer possible.

Wait in Queue: means that task is currently waiting for to be processed, which shall begin immediately after the previous task gets finished; at this point, changing settings and editing related to that task are no longer possible.

Success: means that task has already finished successfully.

Failed: means that task has failed.

Cancelled: means that task has been manually cancelled by user.

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